The school has equipment that can be used by students but it is always best to learn on equipment that you will fly with and eventually use on your own once training is done. It is recommended to get the advice of an instructor before buying any equipment on your own. Once you have decided to register for the full PPG course equipment can be ordered and used during your training. 

Paramotor Sports Canada Inc. is proud to support Canadian built Paramotors and is a dealer of Kangook Paramotors.  Visit their website here to learn more about their awesome product line. Please contact us for pricing and to see what will best suit your needs. Weather your a new pilot starting out, or an experienced pilot looking for some near gear we got you covered!

                Kangook Amaruk

  • COMPACT & LIGHT : only 20,9 kg with the Atom80 and 24,9 kg with the Moster Plus!

  • Cage diameter : 140 cm - 55,1’’ (for 120 to 135 cm propellers)

  • Choice of 10 or 16,5 liters gas tank

  • CNC or Tubular swan neck arms

  • APCO STL Harness


Price (with Moster+) : 8 900,00 CAD



Single or double hoop

  • 132cm frame size 

  • approx weight of 45lbs w/130 motor

  • **New Protek top cage section**




The Double hoop

  • 132 cm or 146 cm frame size options

  • approx weight of 65-70lbs w/ 185 moster

  • available with the Protek top cage section in as shown


Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 7.38.42 AM.png


The lightest

  • single hoop

  • 132cm hoop size 

  • Click here for specs and pricing


Kangook Phoenix

Full one piece netting around the entire still with the three modular cage sections


Kangook Phoenix K2

Released in 2020 was the Phoenix K2! This incorporates the same modular three piece cage sections with full protection around the entire cage. Light weight, modular, strong, and portable.


Click here for more specs and pricing!! 

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 6.59.24 AM.png

Engine options

Moster 185 MY '20-2.png

Moster 185 MY'20

Atom 80 MY '20-2.png

 Atom 80 MY'20

Polini motors.jpg
**The specific weight of each Paramotor will be dependant on which frame, motor, and options you choose. Weights my vary from 45-70lbs. 
Pilots under 150lbs go for the Thor 80 or Atom 80
Pilots 150-190lbs go for the Thor 130 or Easy 100 Plus
Pilots 190lbs-230lbs go for the Thor 190 or Moster 185
Pilots 230lbs and up think about the Thor 200 or Thor 250

Also your dealer for paramotor engines and parts