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Paramotor Sports Canada is owned and operated by Jason Guttridge , a Transport Canada certified Paramotor instructor and  Flight Training Unit #5191.  


Also known as Fly Guy Alberta on YouTube!


Jason has had a life long passion for aviation. Jason started flying in the early 1980s as a cadet with the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program but did not discover the world of Paramotors until about eight years ago. Since then his passion for the sport has led to hundreds of hours of flight time and the creation of Paramotor Sports Canada. 

As a Police Officer for nearly 26 years, Jason trained and worked with elite sections of the Police Service until he retired in 2021. His years of Law Enforcement training now are part of the training program to assist the student train both physically and mentally in preparation for flying Paramotors. 


Jason is dedicated to assisting others in learning how to fly in a safe and professional manner

Jason Guttridge 
Chief Flight Instructor
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