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The Training

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Full PPG Course

 $3499 Cdn +GST


  • 20 hours of ground school

  • Ground handling training

  • Simulator training

  • Pre-solo exam and issuance of Student Pilot Permit

  • Tandem training flight with instructor prior to first solo flight

  • 30 solo (5 hours) flights under the guidance of Certified Transport Canada Instructor including Cross country graduating flight with instructor 

  • Certified letter of compliance from instructor once course passed and completed.

  • 30 training sessions to be used within 12 months after the start of training

  • Full exam preparation for Ultralight exam available online (additional $295) 

  • Equipment rental (additional $500) for the course if you do not buy your own to train with

  • $500 refundable deposit required to hold your spot (full refund outside of 30 days from course start)

The next course is scheduled for May 2024. Preference will be given to those who invest in taking the Intro Course or go for a tandem flight. It is truly beneficial to have an idea of what the training physically requires before committing to take the Full PPG Course. 

Introductory course(2-3hrs) $150 Cdn +GST


Not quite sure if your ready to commit?


This one day introductory course (2-3hrs in length) is specifically designed for those who want to come out and see what it's all about. Included:

  • Basic ground handling instruction and get hands on and kite the wings to see what they feel like.

  • Equipment familiarization: try on a paramotor to experience first hand what it feels like.

  • Ask many questions as you can. 

If you later enroll for the Full PPG Course the $150 will be taken off the course price. 


Introductory Tandem flight

 $150 Cdn +GST

Go for a tandem introductory flight with an instructor and experience what it is like to fly a Paramotor. Tandem flights are given on a two seated trike or foot launch tandems are also available. 


These flights generally last approximately 30mins where you are in constant communication with Instructor where the full details of flying a Paramotor are explained. 


Flights are always weather dependant and typically scheduled 5-7 days in advance. Please call and book ahead of time. The final go ahead for all flights will be at the discretion of the Instructor.

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