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The school has equipment that can be used by students but it is always

best to learn on equipment that you will fly with and eventually use on your

own once training is done. It is recommended to get the advice of an

instructor before buying any equipment on your own. Once you have decided

to register for the full PPG course equipment can be ordered and used during

your training. 

At Paramotor Sports Canada we are a proud dealer of Dudek wings and offer the

full product line. 


New students will learn on the Nemo 5 which is a great wing. The Nemo 5 is light, easy to inflate, and super stable in flight making it an excellent EN-A wing. The Nemo will take the new pilot into the first couple of years of flying and may be the only wing you'll ever need. We do however offer trade-ins of your cared for wings if you ever wish to upgrade to a intermediate wing to take your flying to the next level.

If you are already an experienced and licensed pilot we are your Dudek dealer for Alberta and British Columbia  -some reviews call or email for more details and to order your new wing. Prices vary depending on wing size (prices will include GST and shipping):


Click below to learn more about Dudek.

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