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Transport Canada certified (FTU#5191)

The one time fee paid for training provides students with 30 training sessions that may be used within a 12 month period. The school's philosophy is that training should be completed in the most concentrated time possible to ensure pilot skills can be continually improved and built upon. 

Training is designed around a syllabus and curriculum to ensure that all required skills are learned and practised and so that the student will acquire all the necessary skills and knowledge to become a safe and competent pilot. To fly a paramotor 90% of the learning happens on the ground.

Training to foot launch a Paramotor can be physically demanding and those interested in doing the full course should be physically fit and not have any impeding injuries. There is a maximum weight limit of 220lbs to ensure each student is able to participate doing instructional tandems flights before  doing their first solo. Flying a Paramotor is always dependent on favorable weather. A realistic expectation to complete training is 2-4 months. 


Part 1 -Scheduled 2 days of ground school and ground handling training

The first part of training is a combination of Ground school and ground handling the wing. Ground school will cover all the required components of air law, meteorology, theory of flight, aerodynamics, navigation and equipment maintenance (20 hrs). Ground handling the wing (kiting) is the most important skill to master before ever leaving the ground. Anywhere between 5-20 hrs may be spend kiting depending on the individual. Kiting starts without wearing the motor, and then progresses through simulator training to wearing the motor while kiting and taxiing. 

Part 2  5 hrs of solo flight consisting of at least 30 take offs and landings which is led with doing simulator training and tandem instructional flights. Flying a paramotor is very weather dependant so the remainder of the training will take place as weather permits on an on going basis. 

Basic ground handling and ground school will be scheduled in advance with a limited number of students per class.

                        Information on hotels and campgrounds in the areas can be provided if needed. 

Full PPG Courses for the 2024 season are fully booked. If you would like to have your name added to the waitlist in case we have any cancellations please contact us today! 

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