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Flying will gone on!

In light of the world’s response to the COVID-19 virus Paramotor Sports Canada will be taking the following actions for the 2020 training season:

  1. We will remain open and at your service for any of your flying needs. It is encouraged that PPG pilots get out and fly as much as possible in support of social isolation.

  2. Regular scheduled training classes will continue as scheduled as we are well below the recommended number of people that can gather in one place.

  3. Orders will continue to be taken and are still arriving daily from countries across the globe. Vittorazi in Italy is remaining open and their service has never been better.

  4. Kangook is still open for business and has been busy doing R&D for new design requests and we should be getting our first order of 2020 very soon.

  5. Dudek is open and just today we received our first shipment of wings.

As soon as the snow melts and the ground is dry we will back at getting safely into the sky.

May your coming days be full blue skies and safe landings!


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