New Dudek Nemo 31m, Passion colour. PPG moto risers. For Inflight weight 100-155kg


The Nemo 4 is a certified fun paraglider of EN A class, with modern design, good performance and great safety. It is distinguished from earlier Nemo by better glide ratio, agility and even easier launch. It is dedicated for the beginners and recently trained pilots - it can be used for training, winching and paramotoring.


The three-row canopy with rigid rods (Dudek FlexiEdge technology) incorporates current experience won while designing and testing three- and two-row prototypes of high performance paragliders.

Inner reinforcements, structural rods and mini-ribs make sure that the aerofoil is precisely reproduced and stabilized in flight. Three-row rigging of reduced drag increases performance. Mini-ribs on the trailing edge make for slim canopy with minimal ballooning and improved airstream. All those solutions result in exceptional performance in its class, still fullfilling the harsh requirements of EN-A class safety.


When designing the Nemo 4 Dudek put a lot of work into flight safety, effective steering, easy operation and attractive look of the paraglider. Advanced engineering merged with Piotr Dudek years of designer experience resulted in a paraglider of perfectly stabilized canopy, ideally suited to pilot's expectations of this class.

Dudek Nemo 4 31m Passion


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